Superman: Doomsday! (2007)

Superman_Doomsday_DVDFollowing the hype of Man of Steel which I reviewed yesterday, and Superman and DC’s future fresh among the tabloids I thought i’d review my favorite animated feature of the man of steel, Superman: Doomsday (2007). When you have a character so powerful as Superman, it’s hard for him to really feel in danger. He rarely ever did in the films, among the cartoons, in the justice league. The last son of Krypton is a god, with the sensibility of a righteous man. However Superman:Doomsday completely subverts and questions the whole ideal of Superman in a very direct and clever manner.

The plot begins with workers from Lexcorp (a company owned by Lex Luthor) digging underground. They find an ancient relic, a container of sorts. The container begins to crack, as an ancient living weapon known on Earth as Doomsday cracks out of the pod and begins to wreak havoc on Metropolis. Doomsday is unrelenting, and his sole design is only to destroy all organic life. The creature is incredibly powerful, and mostly unstoppable. Superman and the beast meet as Doomsday dies as Superman plummets him through orbit into the ground. Superman exerts himself and passes away too, or so it seems. Luthor relocates the body post-funeral, and begins to clone Superman. Meanwhile the clone defies Luthor, destroying the rest of the cloning facility in the process, whilst hospitalizing Luthor. Superman’s Robotic companion in the fortress of Solitude locates his body, and begins to heal him. However the still weak Kal-El must go face his doppelganger as it’s wreaking havoc on metropolis, regardless of his weakened state.

The looming biological weapon Doomsday, in conflict with Superman.

The looming biological weapon Doomsday, in conflict with Superman.

DC and their animated studios are really underrated. Almost all of their animated features are highly entertaining, although on this one the animation is good at best. However the story, and it’s fairly adult approach to Superman is commendable. It questions the character, and brings one of the most notable arcs in Superman’s genealogy to the screen (although very altered). The Death of Superman, or sometimes referred to as the reign of the Supermen is a long unwieldy story arc that took place in the very early 90’s. Superman:Doomsday essentially cut out the comic book filler, providing the inner skeleton of the story instead of the whole thing. Although it’s very neat and concise as a piece of animated fiction.

For fans of Superman, and DC’s animation I’d really suggest Superman:Doomsday. It’s not fantastic by any means, but it’s quite good. For me it’s slightly devalued by the amount of Lois Lane/Clark Kent waffle. How a pair of glasses will constitute a secret identity by any means is truly a mystery to me. Just a short piece of Superman relevance today, I dive back into my study of 1931 tomorrow, as I watch The Public Enemy (1931) starring James Cagney. Cheers for stopping by, and follow me @Sams_Reel_Views. 



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