Just a quick post. I’ve rebranded! I just felt the old name was a bit too jovial and vague. It didn’t really tell people what this blogs about, and I think this more suits my analytical style. Regardless, I hope you’ll still join me, as I still plan to write the same kind of content as ever. 




12 thoughts on “Rebranding

  1. It looks good man. My only feedback in general would be the comments and next/previous post options blend into the background a little………black on coloured background is tricky for my old eyes to see. Hope you dont mind me saying 🙂

    • Eh, nah I don’t mind, It’s something I’ve seen myself. I’m just not overly bothered, I mean the front post archive, and recent posts widget are there for a reason. and I’m pretty inept at anything design-wise.

      • Mine used to be white writing on black. Then I changed and everyone said thank god, that was so hard to read!! I wish someone told me sooner! Bastards 🙂

        Its all good design wise man, I just meant the text on comments. Reviews and everything else all looks good. Its just my lazy eyes, ignore me 🙂

      • Nah, I know it’s a problem, it’s just finding a solution that doesn’t involve me scrapping the whole design, which is looking the main solution to be honest, due to the theme’s embedded elements that I have no idea to change. And I can’t find a CSS tutorial that’s remotely useful.

      • I know zero about CSS. I just paid the cheap way so I can change fonts and colours, thats about all I need to do. Well, Im sure I could improve it with CSS but I’m happy with things now 🙂

      • No Tyson, I have the custom upgrade thing, hence I have modified fonts. That doesn’t affect the inbuilt colour scheme of menu/comment fonts, or the comment bubbles.

  2. Nice! Something you might also want to think about is the background. It’s a cool picture, but makes readibility on some things quite bad. It’s tiled image, so you might want to give it more black space on the right and left. Up to you of course, but the text about next and previous posts is unreadable unless you select it.

    • Yeah, I realized this, but couldn’t really find a solution. I don’t know how to change the imbedded text colour of the theme for it’s comments, and i’m not sure if I can? I have no experience with CSS modifier, and I’m relatively happy with the layout, and don’t wanna trash it and start from scratch if i’m honest.

    • As for tiling it, it’s basically irrelevant, the problem is the inherent colour in the scheme, unless I get rid of the background completely, and stick with a dull beige, or totally remodel.

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